What Do I Need to Sell My House Online Without a Realtor

Ways To Ensure You Sell Your House Online Without A Real Estate Agent.

If you are a homeowner who is looking into selling your house, your first option will he to search for the help of a real estate agent. However, these services will always come with an extra cost, and you may not have the financial capability to facilitate such a person. Regardless, there are ways for you to sell your house online without a Realtor if you have to do it yourself. The process may not be quick, but it will guarantee you a complete sell in the long run. Below are some tips that can guide you to a successful sale.

Market Research

You must do extensive market research on the relevant area. The information you acquire here will guide you through setting a price for your house. Make comparisons of your home with the local housing market to settle for an amount that is within a reasonable range. You will get guidance on whether not to over-pricing or under-pricing, which will bar buyers from contacting you.

Prepare Your House

Once you are aware of the pricing range, you must get your house ready for the sale. De-clutter as much as you can, make any appropriate repairs and maintenance as well. Remove any personal belongings like photographs. Take this opportunity to make a garage sale and make extra money off unwanted items.


Whenever your house is ready for selling, you should consider making an advertisement. Although this will cost you a few bucks, it’s a guarantee your home gets exposure to a broader range of clientele. Check on the available sites online like local classified websites, For Sale Buy Owner (FSBO) sites, start up a YouTube Chanel, or check on the numerous real estate sites. Apart from the online platforms, you should also consider setting up a signpost on a sidewalk for people not aware of the available online sites.

Have A House Opening

As soon as your house hits the market, experts will advise that you must hold a house opening. You will be required to research thoroughly for your customers to get a good lasting first impression. You can visit a few open houses to get ideas on how to go about the process. These comparisons will help you come up with a showing that will be a spectacular open house. Also, consider making a couple of sales sheets to give to your prospects clients. Finally, set a date for the open house, but keep in mind to have your timings a bit customer friendly. Weekends are mostly preferable, specifically early mornings or late afternoons.

If you follow these guidelines, you will have an easy time selling your house. Your house will be at an advantageous position of being exposed to high-quality customers; therefore, you end up making a good profit out of the sale. Always try to be knowledgeable about every aspect of your house. This information will give you more confidence in handling any buyers. In case of any lack of knowledge, be sure to ask for professional guidance before you start up on the selling process.

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